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Worship is an integral part of our faith. Our service centers on God and is

rooted in scripture. It blends traditional and contemporary genres of music,

offering a resourceful, inspirational, and unique experience.


Rev. Luis R. Perez is the 33rd pastor of the Rhinebeck Reformed Church.

Since his arrival in 2003, the congregation has experienced a period of spiritual rebirth as evidenced by annual double-digit membership growth and the creation of dynamic outreach and spiritual development programs, such as the co-founding of a lay hospital visitation program, a summer speaker series, and the co-development of youth mission projects, among other initiatives.

The Rev. Perez was trained at the Yale Divinity School,
where he earned a Yale President’s Public Service Fellowship, and
he studied journalism at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he received a fellowship as part of a workshop
to write about religion in Israel and Gaza.


This is our 1893 historic Roosevelt Pipe Organ. It is named for Hilborne Lewis Roosevelt, a pioneering organ builder, telecommunication engineer, and a member of the Roosevelt family. 


Hilborne was not interested in either business or politics, the traditional Roosevelt family occupations. Instead, he was musically and mechanically inclined and wanted to be an organ builder from an early childhood. He entered an apprenticeship at an organ factory and later traveled to Europe for further training in the field. He was one of the first to study the application of new electrical devices to the manufacture of organ actions. Hilborne founded the Roosevelt Pipe Organ Builders in 1870 with his brother Frank and built some of the largest organs in the United States during his career.


Our organ has been loved and cared for since its installation and is played every Sunday at our weekly service!


We are grateful to have such a dedicated group of people to guide us in singing beautiful hymns each week. It's a pleasure to watch and hear such elegance.

Click below to hear!


This is a musically gifted group of folks who sing each Sunday in celebration of the Lord. The instruments creating the music include the bass, piano, and guitar which are accompanied by a few amazing voices.

Click below to hear!

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